If you are interested to get an idea of how is an italian  “sala del commiato” (a funeral room) , you can use an Internet search engine, and many immages  – sith little differences – will appear.
In fact, there are some more colored and others monochromatic, sober or more opulent, and almost all with a Christian religious reference present…
Let’s see some of them.

A private funeral company, shows an opening on its website, there are also other and a video that shows the structure in general. This is an example, in our opinion, elegant and also clearly religious.


Rare cases of artistic view of the matter (like the one created by Ettore Spalletti), present in Città Sant’Angelo, in Abruzzo Region.



Lets switch to “humanist” chambers.

The following one is in Bari, due an pubblic administration issue.


Prettier is the following one, in Arezzo city, by the pubblic company.


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